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How to Flash a ROM Fastboot Rom stuck in a locked Bootloader

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  • How to Flash a ROM Fastboot Rom stuck in a locked Bootloader

    How to flash a ROM Fast boot Rom stuck in a locked Boot loader.

    How to flash a ROM Fastboot Rom stuck in a locked Bootloader.

    ** Note: This method is available only smartphone versions are only Cpu Snapdragon Mi Note Pro, Mi4c, Mi4s, Redmi Note 3 Pro and who have studied how to install the ROM Fastboot Rom initial ago.

    *** Version Redmi note 3 pro Snarpdragon see how to install the ROM here >> Click.

    For those who have never used a flash ROM. Fastboot can read how here >>click <<.

    After Xiaomi announced locked Bootloader for mobile devices to. May cause problems for some of the flash ROM error. Or accidentally puck up The body can not use the usual symptoms, such as unusual or outstanding Error Page logo Mi solution is used, the flash ROM Fastboot but not flash.Since the machine is locked

    Things to do before starting the procedure.

    1. Install the drive on a computer, ADB 2. Using Mi Flash Tool version. (2015.10.28.0) If not , click here to download the ROM file Fastboot 3. If not , click here to download.

    Today we have a solution that can be used to lock the Fastboot Flash Bootloader can see, step by step, do it. The equipment used in this demonstration is that Mi Note Pro.

    1. Open Mi Flash Tool version. (2015.10.28.0) Select Fastboot files to flash ROM normal. It is seen that the notification program Error message with that. Can not flash Since locked After this stage,you do not just close the program. Turn left

    2. Go to the source folder of the program Mi Flash Tool that is installed by right-clicking the program's shortcut icon Shotton select Properties> select Open file locations here.

    3. From the window of Mi Flash Tool Applications folder, then go to the folder where Google> Android and then press Shift + Right-click and select Open command window here on.

    4. From the window of the Command window, type adb devices and press Enter here.

    5. Then, type fastboot devices and press Enter here.

    6. Then, type fastboot oem edl and press Enter here.

    7. When the command OKAY finish the picture, then the program will install the drivers Qualcomm that we can make it by right-clicking My Computer> Device manager> see the Ports (COM & LPT) to see. that a driver Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 added a new one drive , then go back to the window Mi Flash Tool it.

    8. Now, we can see that the Refesh 1 time slot was changed from the Device ID 7 is a COM [xx] already. Now let's try to see Flash again.

    9. It is seen that this can flash through it. No more warnings that any locked. It finished the way I am.

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