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  • How to read Panic Full Analyzer

    ...Look at picture and compare the interpretation table chart.When all iPhone models restart, iOS will save the Panic Full log.
    ...Panic log it will tell you, the instruction that the CPU communicates with which device is not working properly, causing the system to restart,
    ...Therefore, we can analyze the Panic Full log value and compare it with the chart table, then we can analyze and Find broken devices faster.

    Click image for larger version

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    An important asset for those who only know its value
    Compiled post for some of the most important translations
    Panic Messages in the iPhone

    (0)- We start with you step by step starting from zero
    And how to determine the reason for restarting the iPhone and knowing the malfunction of hardware and how you can get
    On the Panic File
    How to check the cause behind your iPhone restart and knowing the hardware problem.
    ... You can watch this video
    ... After watching the video

    Now I've got panic-full
    And who will tell you, the instructions that connect the CPU (CPU)
    central Processing Unit
    For the device that is not functioning properly,
    What causes the system to restart, especially_the/i2c/command
    And as you know there are double lines
    •one belongs to SDA data
    •and the other belongs to sync SCL
    •Open the outline and you will get a page
    • Contains an i2c font table
    • But let's start and continue until the end يه

    (1) - Step One
    •Go to settings - privacy - analytics and enhancements - analytics data - search last restart log
    • And look for keywords in it.
    There are mostly abbreviations in the panic log

    mic (microphone), (Mic)
    ALS (Ambient Light Sensor),...
    (Light sensor of ocean)
    “Missing sensor (s): mic1” - Microphone
    Often after water or mechanical stress.
    mic1 is the bottom left microphone.
    mic2 - next to the flash / flashlight.
    mic3 - next to the front camera.
    mic4 is the bottom right microphone.
    "Mic-time-sense2" - mic2
    Microphone next to flash / flashlight. Often found on iPhone 11.
    “Lm3539" - Backlight Driver
    On Plus models, to find out which of the two, look in the log for the i2c line.
    “Sleep \ wake hang detected” - WF / codec / amplifiers
    Anc-postnand.c1260 asser failed link” - Nand
    "Apcie (0:s3e)" - NAND
    "Aptie (in)" - WF
    "Aptie (bt)" - BT
    • Understand the logic correctly until you can
    • Identify The Problem
    • Do not rely on suggestions or experience
    • Sometimes it is advisable to dismantle the pore flat
    • In some cases
    • And not relying on obstructions only.

    If you have iphone model
    i7,i7p, i8,i8p, ix, ixr, ixs, ixs max, i11,i12,i13

    panic string
    1userspas watchdog Timeout

    #Possible Issues
    check charging flex cable, vibrator, battery data
    you can check on this link for

    panic logo

    • Keep in mind that the panic record
    • It may not be written or unwritten entirely,
    • so try to wait for another restart
    • And watch the record,
    •And who will show you sections
    • Major & Sub

    1- A major sector and it will be
    First part and keywords
    Who the panic log #example aop panic
    2-Sub section and it's part 2
    Comes after the first section and the subwords
    Is the cause of the glitch and restart

    "AOP PANIC - PressureController" - Barometer
    This error occurs mainly on iPh X and above, there is a barometer on the system cable at the bottom near the left microphone.
    “AOP PANIC - SCMto: 0 – prox” - PROXIMITY
    A proximity sensor, usually after water, causes the phone to reboot.
    AOP PANIC” - Ambiguous error, look for keywords in the log.

    (2)- Step Two
    • I always recommend it to everyone
    iDevice Panic Log Analyzer
    Discovering the causes of restarting iPhone devices
    All thanks and appreciation to the business owner, my good friend
    Wayne Bonnici
    Steps of Installation :
    1- We download the program from the link below
    • By installing the program and connecting the device, the causes and the result of the test will be shown to you.
    •Panic String & Possible Issues
    •Refer to this post for full explanation

    (3) - Step Three
    The other program fellas! I would like to explain the new features added to the website Jonas Mantovani Stylo
    by jonas mantovani
    Now, plus the ability to go back to panic records,
    You can also go back to the recovery errors offered by iTunes!
    And the best ones are free!

    (4) - Step Four
    •Of course the lines and elements records
    •You can find it in common patterns •Use also as mentioned in the beginning,
    • So answer a question from one of my followers
    • If you don't find something from the panic log
    • Inside the attached software
    • In light of changing protections and error messages,

    • You can run your own narratives
    • And try to unlock the panic record
    • Use your chart and avo
    • This is a file that contains me
    • Track names and their tasks
    ... Therefore, we can analyze the value of the entire panic record and compare it with the attached chart and software,
    Then we can analyze the broken devices and find them faster.

    :- I wish I answered
    • I have some questions that interest you
    • About registeing panic and suggesting to download
    • First free copy of
    • Terminal Tester program
    • To check iPhone and i2c lines
    • In Purple Mode
    Download :

    How To Fix an iPhone e 14 Pro That Randomly Restarts
    • We are happy to meet you and we hope to make you happier
    • We feel that there are people waiting for our help
    • And waiting even if it's a simple information,
    • It increases our sense of responsibility
    • And it makes us put in more energy and effort
    • To be able to be a good reason for every human being who needs us ..
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