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Upgrading , Administer Password , Reset EFI Password And PinLock MacLaptop

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  • Upgrading , Administer Password , Reset EFI Password And PinLock MacLaptop

    On This Thread , Let Know Much About Mac Lap Tops
    First mac had 2 Sort Of Passwords

    1- administrator password

    There Are To ways

    (I) Remove Password With Out Losing Data

    - Power Mac With ( Command + S ) Key
    - Press Ener Key
    - mount -uw /
    - rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
    - shutdown -h now

    (II) Remove Password And Setup New Mac Os

    IF You Have Recovery
    Go To Mac With Alt + Power Then Go Recovery Then Do Format To Partition then Put Mac OS X 10.8.4.dmg on flash disk and do install to Mac OS

    IF You Have no Recovery
    Instal New Mac OS By Mac OS CD , Or Lets Know How Can w Create Bootable Flash Dick On Mac OS
    Download Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4 From Attachment Files
    Note' You Can Us Any Os You Need Like 10.9
    ' Mac Book 2007- Only Working @10.7'
    Look Here ,
    [ame=""]How to Create a Bootable Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 USB Flash Drive[/ame]
    Setup New Lion Mac OS With Any Surfing

    Also Other Tool To Create
    Bootable Flash Dick
    But ThisTool Not Supported 10.9

    Download Lion DiskMaker 2.0.2
    if ur Flash Disk 4GB Use This Version
    Download Lion DiskMaker 1.7

    2- Let Go About EFI Password's And PinLock

    There Are 4 Sorts Of Passwords

    (I) 2008
    (II) 2010
    (IV) 2011
    (IIV) 2012

    To Way's To Remove EFI Password

    You Can Find It On You Motherboard

    Second Reset EFI Password

    Let's Go

    (I) 2008
    Bypass Mac Firmware Password

    1) Shut down your computer

    2) Remove the battery

    3) Slide one of the levers (it doesnt matter which one) to the left. This will release the RAM

    4) Gently wiggle the RAM card out and put it aside, you will put it back later

    5) Boot up the computer while holding COMMAND+OPTION+P+R (this resets the parameter ram)

    6) Wait for the startup chime to sound 3 times

    7) Release the keys and shutdown the machine once you reach the login screen

    Replace the RAM module and slide the lever back while pushing it in until it does not wiggle anymore

    9) Now if you boot up the machine you should bypass the Mac firmware password.

    You can now use the machine as usual, boot from an external drive, or whatever else.

    For 2010 2011 And 2012
    There Are 10 Unlocks To Do Reset EFI For The 4 Generation

    Take Look Here

    MacBook Air A1466 Mid 2012 EFI Password Removal

    Macbook Pro 15A1286 Late 2011 EFI Password Removal

    If You Have This Unlocks In Second's You Can Remove Password And PinLock
    You Can Iditfiy Your Mac Laptop Year By Serial
    Go Here Then Put Your Serial You 'll Get The Year Of Your MacLaptop

    New (Tutorial) Next Week , How To Burn Mac Os And How To

    Create Bootable Flash Dick On Window's And Trick's On Mac's

    Attached Files Mac OS X Mountain Lion Installer - 10.8.4 AhmedZitoon.rar (332.3 KB, 2457 views)