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Unlock + TWRP + Root + Lineageos 14.1 for LG G3 Beat D723TR

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  • Unlock + TWRP + Root + Lineageos 14.1 for LG G3 Beat D723TR

    Hi friends, I'll share this on the subject of custom rom, unlock, twrp, root for LG G3 Beat D723TR device.

    I'm going to put custom rom paintings on the subject. If you do it literally, you will have installed custom rom on your device without any inconvenience.

    I will give you the necessary assistance and support.

    I am not responsible for the negativity of the transactions I will do and site. All responsibility belongs to you.

    First we will root the device.
    1. Get all the necessary backups of your device properly.
    2. Turn the device off, wait 10 seconds, then press and hold the volume down key and the power key. When the Lg logo comes on, pull your hand off the power button and immediately press it back.
    3. On the screen that appears, say yes and say yes again.
    4. Wait for the device to turn on and then set up the device normally after power on.
    5. Now from the settings section of the device, click on the section about cutting the software information and the assembly number 7 from the phone.
    6. Come back and select usb debugging from the Developer Options section.
    7. From the Settings tab, scroll to Security and open the unknown sources.
    8. Root to make everything ready if you want King root root with the device Kingo root do. Here you can make root with your pc version if you want as application. Preference is up to you.
    9. This is the root operation.
    Unlock process;
    1. HereDownload the rarlı file on the table. Right-click with mouse and say exit to folder.
    2. Put the 2 files in the root memory of your phone. So take it directly without any files in throw.
    3. Connect our device to the PC via USB.
    4. Download the file found here and install it on the table.
    5. Type the commands in the order of black cmd screen and enter enter. It'il be like the picture.

    adb shell


    dd if = / sdcard / aboot.bin = / dev / block / platform / msm_sdcc.1 / by-name / aboot

    6. We have unlocked the device. Now we will establish twrp.

    Twrp Loading;
    1. Download the latest flashlify apk via google play to your phone.
    2. Open the flashlify application.
    3. Select and install the twrp file that we put into the device from where it is written by Recovery img. Call it Reboot.
    4. Our device is now twrp installed.

    5. Now let's download and run reboot recovery with google play on our device. Direct twrp will open. Then let's go to the backup section and select everything as in the picture. Let's take the backup device reboot he'll restart the backup we get the pc's. What happens later, you can do this backup again with the twrp restore you can do the installation. The device returns to its original state.

    Installing custom rom and gapps
    1. Let's download the most up-to-date software available here . Let's assign it to a memory card formatted as clean fat32.
    2. Enter the site found here and select and download the options as in the picture below. And put it on the memory card.

    3. Let's open the reboot recovery and twrp mode. First, let's format the wipe. Then let's enter the wipe section and let's choose all of them.
    4. Next, attach the memory card to our device and call it reboot recovery. Let's call it an intall.
    5. Select your memory card at the bottom where storage is at the bottom.
    6. Let's install the gapps then let install the rom first. And click on the wipe cache at the bottom. Then let's say reboot system now.
    7. And let's wait for it to turn into its own.
    8. If you do not open the wait for 20 minutes, install custom rom and gapps again. This time, enter twrp and connect the device to the PC and put Custom rom and gapps files in the device memory. Do this again. Then you delete the files you have discarded when the device is turned on.

    Note = If the device crashes or does not open, you want to return to the old backup. Transfer the backup to the memory card. Insert the memory card into the phone. Remove and insert the phone battery Press and hold the volume down key and the power key. When the Lg logo comes on, pull your hand off the power button and immediately press it back. Say yes on the screen then say yes again and twrp will open.
    In twrp, go back to restore and load your backup.

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