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Meizu M5S M612H IMEI Repair Solution

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  • Meizu M5S M612H IMEI Repair Solution

    How to Repair imei Meizu M5S M612H . tested method


    1. Download the software included here and discard it on the memory card.
    2. Insert the memory card into the phone and click on the file. Keep your charge high.
    3. Enter the settings and open the flyme account from the meizu account. You can open it with your mobile number.
    4. In the settings section of the device, enter the security section and click the location that says root privilege.
    5. Again, ask for the confirmation of the flyme account password and confirmation will let the device shut down.
    6. Super Water apk to your deviceDownload and install.
    7. Now switch the device off and on again.
    8. Set the root permissions from the security root privilege section.

    9. Perform the following imei repair operations.
    10. If you get bugs in the houses then download and install Chamelephone apk and write your imei numbers and switch the device off and on.
    11. Don't worry if the imei has been reset and may have been the only imei. Perform the following operations. The process is complete.

    1. Download and install the apk file included here.

    2. Then open the engineer mode by pressing * # * # 3646633 # * # *.

    3. Select Connect to the Connectivity section, where you will see CDS Information.

    4. Select Radio Information and you will see Sim 1 and 2 or Phone 1 and 2. Choose the 1st one of them.

    5. You will see the AT + + + e, and from here to 1.imei for AT + EGMR = 1.7 "" and select the type at the send at command, type the command, press OK if you see a phrase that you will be the first imei.

    6. Come back for the 2nd ime and choose Sim 2 or Phone 2 again, delete + y again and add AT + EGMR = 1.10 "" from there and type the imei between the 4 tabs and leave the space between = and 1 again. At Send Send Command, restart the device when you see Ok.

    This video below will be useful.