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iPhone 14 can lock the SIM slot in a new way

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  • iPhone 14 can lock the SIM slot in a new way

    Because Apple has removed the physical SIM slot on iPhone 14 versions in the US, iPhone lock models imported from this market need a SIM slot to be able to use mobile networks in Vietnam.

    iPhone 14 lock can unlock the SIM slot without removing the device
    The owner of a locked iPhone 14 store said that he was able to cut the physical SIM slot on the iPhone from the US market through a CNC machine without having to remove the device.

    Previously, to be able to perform SIM slots for iPhones from the US market, technicians would have to "implant" a SIM drive into the locked iPhone 14. Although there is no available SIM slot, Apple still leaves the position to insert the SIM drive module and insert a piece of plastic in this position to replace it. But now, the new CNC cutting method allows adding a SIM slot without having to remove the device.

    Once done, users will have a physical SIM slot similar to the iPhone 14 sold in other markets, and can perform further interventions to use a Vietnamese carrier's SIM.

    After cutting, the new SIM slot looks similar to Apple's original SIM slot, but there may be some slight differences in color and finish. However, the SIM slot cutting process is not officially authorized by Apple and may affect the quality of the device. Therefore, Apple Authorized Service Centers in Vietnam will not provide warranty or repair services for devices with modified SIM slots.

    In addition, tampering with the phone's hardware can pose a security risk during communications, and the lack of a native SIM slot can make it difficult to insert and remove the SIM. Therefore, customers need to consider carefully before deciding to change the SIM slot on their device.

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