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HTC One A9 S OFF & IMEI Repair with ChimeraTool

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  • HTC One A9 S OFF & IMEI Repair with ChimeraTool

    HTC One A9 - SOFF with ChimeraTool

    HTC One A9 - IMEI Repair with ChimeraTool

    Chimera Mobile Phone Utility version: 15.72.1314 @ 2017-11-23

    Printing phone history

    Repair IMEI

    Repair IMEI

    [IMEI repair started]

    Rebooting in fastboot mode
    Phone detected
    Current security state: 3

    Checking current security flag

    Downloading recovery image from server.
    Please hold on, it can take some time.
    Recovery image has been downloaded.

    Switching to fastboot mode
    Phone detected

    Checking bootloader state...
    Phone detected
    Using new method
    Rebooting in bootloader mode
    Phone detected
    Bootloader is locked
    Rebooting in download mode
    Phone detected
    Bootloader unlock is required, asking server for access

    Gathering bootloader information

    All user data will be lost and the phone will reset to factory default!
    You will see the disclaimer on the screen now. Please read this carefully as this action may void your warranty.

    Please select 'Yes' to continue the procedure. Use the volume buttons to highlight your choice and the Power button to make your selection

    (If you select Yes, your phone will be reset to its factory default settings, and your bootloader will be unlocked.If you select No, your phone will reboot and no modifications will have been made.)

    Waiting for bootloader unlock to finish
    Fastboot detached.
    1.) When the HTC logo appears on the screen,
    1.) Please switch to DOWNLOAD mode by pressing the VOLUME UP and POWER buttons until the screen will be blank
    2.) Then quickly release them and press VOLUME DOWN and POWER until the DOWNLOAD menu comes on.
    Phone detected

    Installing recovery image
    Installing was successful

    1.) Please select REBOOT TO BOOTLOADER option from Download mode menu
    2.) Select BOOT TO RECOVERY MODE option from the BOOTLOADER menu

    Waiting for ADB device

    Initializing recovery mode
    Recovery mode detected, preparing phone, do not touch the phone.

    Waiting for the phone...

    Gathering phone information

    Communicating with Chimera server

    Preparing the phone for the procedure

    Calculating encrypted data

    Rebooting in recovery mode
    Cleaning up

    Current security flag: 0

    Your phone may asks for decryption password after it boots.
    Please type a single zero digit, then press the enter button. After that the phone will ask you for FACTORY RESET. Push the reset button, then please go to the Wipe menu in the TWRP recovery and pull the sliding bar to reset.
    After that you can boot into system mode and use the phone as usual.

    Restarting in fastboot mode
    Phone detected

    Writing IMEI(s)
    IMEI 1 to write: 356784745745470

    Checking current security flag

    Writing security flag
    Phone detected
    Security flag has been written: S-ON

    Finished successfully
    Finished at local time: [11.23.17 16:34:02]
    WorkID: 29585090

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