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GRT Dongle powerful Hardware Tool Version Is Released 17/12/2018

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  • GRT Dongle powerful Hardware Tool Version Is Released 17/12/2018

    GRT Dongle Hardware tools 17/12/2018

    Software V1.0.0.2

    What is New ?
    GRT Dongle Version Is Released:

    GRT Dongle is a powerful Hardware Tool

    GRT Dongle Hardware Tool Features :

    { HARDWARE } Photo for Board {Side A/Side B} update
    { HARDWARE } Schematic
    { HARDWARE } Service Manual

    { HARDWARE } Ways & Solutions update
    { HARDWARE } Parts Diagram { Teardown } update
    { HARDWARE } IC Chip Compatible update
    { HARDWARE } Thermal Resistor { Thermistor NTC } COmpatible update
    { HARDWARE } eMMC Pinouts { ISP } update
    { HARDWARE } Qualcomm CPU Test Point update
    { HARDWARE } PCB Layout update

    [HARDWARE] Supported models:


    OT-5023F Pixi 4+ Power :
    OT-5023F Charging Solution

    OT-5035D X'Pop :
    OT-5035D LCD Ways&Solution

    OT-7048W Go Play :First in the world
    Go Play OT-7048W Parts Diagram 1


    Y3 2017 :First in the world
    Y3 2017 CRO-L03 Parts Diagram 1

    Y9 2019 :First in the world
    Y9 2019 JKM-LX3 Parts Diagram 1


    G2 D802 :
    D802 Audio&Speaker Solution

    G3 D855 :
    D855 WCDMA TX RF Ways
    D855 WIFI&Bluetooth Solution

    G3 Stylus D690 :
    D690 WIFI&GPS Solution

    G4 H815 :
    H815 Speaker Ways
    K8 K350ds :

    K350ds Mic&Speaker Ways
    L40 D160 :

    D160 Touch&WIFI Solution


    Galaxy A7 2017 SM-A720F : First in the world

    SM-A720F Block Diagram

    SM-A720F Charging Ways&Solution

    Galaxy J2 SM-J200H :
    SM-J200H Block Diagram
    SM-J200H Power Button Ways

    Galaxy J5 2017 SM-J530F :
    SM-J530F Block Diagram
    SM-J530F Charging&Speaker Solution

    Galaxy J7 2016 SM-J710F :
    SM-J710F,FN Parts Diagram 1
    SM-J710F,FN Parts Diagram 2

    Galaxy J7 Duo SM-J720F :First in the world
    SM-J720F Charging Ways&Impedance

    Galaxy J8 SM-J810F :First in the world

    SM-J810F Charging&USB Ways

    Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T111 :
    SM-T111 Block Diagram
    SM-T111 Power Button Ways

    Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T231 :
    SM-T231 Block Diagram

    Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T818 :First in the world
    SM-T818 Parts Diagram 1
    SM-T818 Parts Diagram 2


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