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  • marik
    started a topic Original Vertu all firmware

    Original Vertu all firmware

    Firmware Vertu original complete set

    Vertu Constellation C Design RHV-8 502.06
    Vertu Ascent Ti RM-267V 701.07
    Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari 2009 RM-267V 701.07
    Vertu Ascent X 2010 RM-589V 501.02
    Vertu Ascent X Ferrari GT RM-589V 501.02
    Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari Chinese RM-467V 501.06
    Vertu Signature S Design Chinese RM-466V 503.06
    Vertu Constellation Quest RM-582V 051.844
    Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari RM-582V 051.845
    Vertu Signature S Design RM-266V 503.07
    Vertu Signature S Design RM-266V 503.08
    Vertu Constellation Ayxta RM-389V 501.12
    Vertu Constellation Touch RM-681V 111.040.007
    Vertu Ti Ferrari RM-828V 4.1.2.A.0.2.12F
    Vertu Ti RM-828V 4.1.2.A.0.2.12
    Vertu Ti China RM-828V 4.1.2.A.0.2.7
    Vertu Constellation V Extraordinary 2013 RM-851V LA23.4.2.0.B.0.1.57
    Vertu Constellation V China 2013 RM-851V LA23.4.2.0.B.0.1.48
    Vertu Signature Touch RM-980V 5.1.1
    Vertu Signature Touch China RM-980C 5.1.1
    Vertu Aster ROW VM-01T 5.1.1
    Vertu Aster China VM-01T 5.1.1
    Vertu Aster China VM-01C 5.1.1
    Vertu Aster VM-01 5.1.1_3.005.4.26
    Vertu New Signature Touch VM-03 5.1.1_0.840.6.095
    Vertu New Signature Touch China VM-03 5.1.1_0.840.6.095

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  • MIUI 10 China Stable ROM V10.0.1.0.OEBCNFH for Mi 8 SE Released! Update!

    Dear Mi 8 SE Users,

    We're very excited to present you the MIUI 10 China Stable ROM! MIUI 10 China Stable ROM V10.0.1.0.OEBCNFH for Mi 8 SE has been released for public. From now on, you should be able to progressively receive the update over-the-air (OTA) on your phones via the Updater app. If you cannot wait, you can download the ROM packages in this thread below. Let's give credits to our dear developers, beta testers who have devoted so much time, energy to make this gorgeous moment happen. Their contributions shall be honored and respected. What are you waiting for? Time to enjoy the flashing now!

    Better and more convenient full screen gestures

    • 1. New UI optimized for full screen experience
    • 2. (Other devices will look visually refreshed too!)

    The new system sounds inspired by the sounds of Nature

    • 1. System sounds are filtered and simplified
    • 2. Take a minute to relax while listening to ambient noises. You can choose between forest, beach, summer night, stove fire, and drizzle.
    • 3. Smart alarms with weather info


    • 1. Mi AI machine learning program
    • 2. Suggestions for connecting to nearby devices
    • 3. Flagship IoT platform for smart devices

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