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  • Samsung New Patch 7.0 Frp Bypass Without Calculator Method

    1.Power on the device
    2.You will see startup menu (Language Select) click on Next
    3.Select your wifi, enter password and connect your WIFI.
    4.Go back to same startup Menu pressing Back, Press "Home Button" 3 times gently. Now Talkback Option Enabled.
    5.Draw L on your Screen and you can see many options.
    6.Double click on "Talkback Settings" Options and open it.
    7.Scroll down using two finger and click on Help Feedback. Open it.
    8.You can see there search icon. Type Voice.
    9.Now you will see search results, choose "Get Started with Voice Acess" and click on it.
    10.You can see a Youtube video Logo, click on it.
    11.The video will be played after click share icon of video .
    12.Now choose 3 Dots. Now launch Youtube app.
    13.Go to Youtube Settings About; Google Privacy Policy and you will come to browser directly (choose internet Browser).


    14.Install Apex Launcher( Settings Unknown Sourcess Click And Ok).Open
    15.Go to Settings Security,Other Security,Device Administrators,Untick Find My Device,Deactivate,Back To Settings.
    16.Go To Apps Right Side 3 dots Show System Apps,Find Google account Manager Disable,Google Play services Disable.
    17.Now Go To FileManager Install And Open GsmTelugu Frp APK,Back to Settings
    18.Go to Settings,Cloud and Accounts,Accounts,Add
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  • Xiaomi Redmi 6A (CACTUS ) FRP Bypass MI Account in One Click (MTK CPU Only)

    Xiaomi Redmi 6A (CACTUS ) FRP Bypass MI Account in One Click (MTK CPU Only)




    Begin Address (HEX) 0xf000000

    Format Length (HEX) 0x4000000

    SP TOOL exe_Windows_v5.1812 Download

    cactus_global_images_V10.0.2.0 Download

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  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 2016102 7.0 IMEI Repair

    dial * # * # 717717 # * # * from our device search menu.
    A message will appear on the screen indicating that the diag port has been opened. Then we connect to the computer.
    If we are opening Qfil program and selecting Device-> QCN Backup Restore, if we choose Enable-Multi Sim if it is dual sim card, we click Backup QCN without selecting it.
    We open the IMEIRebuilder program and click on the Open file button and select the qcn file we backed up.
    When you select imei1 and 2 areas of your device serial numbers will appear.
    After typing in the required information, click on Rebuild and we are registering our new qcn file.
    Finally, from Qfil, click Tools> QCN Backup Restore.
    We are restarting our device after the process is completed. Thanks

    to @jumyaz for help
    QCN Editor


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  • Create A Backup Qcn File With QPST (Full Guide)

    From your computer, click the Windows Start button -> All Programs -> QPST -> QPST Configuration.

    Click the Ports tab, then click the Add New Port ... button.

    Click COM - USB/QC Diagnostic, and then click OK.
    (Note: there will be in front of COM - in our example, it was COM18 - USB/QC Diagnostic).

    Click Start Clients, and then Software Download.

    Click the Backup tab, then the second Browse button.

    A new box will pop up, asking you where to save a file. Choose your Desktop, and name the file backupmonte
    Press the Start button (next to the Abort button).
    The progress bar will show the percentage of the backup process.
    Wait until you see Memory Backup Completed in the Status box

    Close all QPST programs running.
    On your Desktop, look for the file backupmonte (or backupmonte.qcn).
    Click the file once, and hover your mouse over it to check the size.
    Make sure it is greater than 0 KB. In our example, as shown below, the file size was 153 KB.
    It may be different for you, which is fine - just make sure it is greater than 0 KB.

    Click the Windows Start button -> All Programs -> QPST -> QPST Configuration.

    Click the Ports tab.
    Click the only COM device from the list to select it.
    (In our example, it was COM18, however it may have a difference number for you.)
    Once you have selected
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  • JONONItelecom
    started a topic OPPO All Qualcomm Network Unlock [No Need Flash]
    in OPPO

    OPPO All Qualcomm Network Unlock [No Need Flash]

    OPPO All Qualcomm Network Unlock [No Need Flash]

    1. Open Tool and Click Remove Security OPPO
    2. Go Phone Emergency Call and Type *#9434# Click AuthTokenEncrypt [Here Show IMEI and Stamp
    3. Submit It SecrecyAutoUnlocker 1.4 and Generate Token
    4. Apply It On Mobile and Click Auto Token Decrypt After Show Success Then
    5.Click Enable Diagnostic A3s[ALL] [For Open Diag]
    6. Mobile Go Wifi Test Mode and Open Diag
    7. Then Open QFil Tool
    8. Write QCN
    9. After QCN Write Restart 3-5 Times Then Insert Sim
    10.Unlock Done


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