HTC RUU Error Solution

ERROR [155]
Boot Loader Unlocked

Your Device bootloader is unlocked,relock before flashing stock rom,you can relock using below command
"fastboot oem lock"

ERROR [202, 204]

Connection Error

This error message will appear when the device is not connected to PC Correctly. Make sure you properly connect the device to the PC through ActiveSync before running RUU. If the problem persists try removing and re-installing ActiveSync.

ERROR [222, 224]

Device Not Responding

Check the PC Connection/ActiveSync connection and try running RUU again.

ERROR [220]

Battery Error

This error message will appear when the device's battery power is not sufficient,Need To charge your Battery above 30% and Run RUU again

ERROR [244]

Invalid Model ID

You trying to flash different firmware,its not designed for this model.

ERROR [330]


This error message will appear when you use the incorrect RUU to upgrade and the image file size is larger than the Flash ROM size.
download correct RUU and flash again

Update with More Errors